Patient Education

My grandmother has multiple fingertips that will not straighten all the way. She says that they do not bother her but they look stuck. Should I take her to the doctor? What could they do for her? I ...more
I am a physiotherapist who subscribes to your service -- it has been a great help to me. Tomorrow I will be seeing two patients who both received a pyrolytic carbon implant for osteoarthritis of the M ...more
I have neck pain and discomfort from a pinched nerve at the C56 and C67 levels. I seem to be able to manage this with positioning, posture, and some stretching exercises. Now I'm starting to have hand ...more
I just got this very cool metal ring for a finger injury and I'm wondering if you've ever heard of it? It's called a pulley splint. Looks like jewelry. What does it really do? It sounds like you are b ...more
Can you tell me about treatment for Dupuytren disease? I've had two surgical procedures but can't seem to maintain my finger motion. Perhaps I'm not having the right kind of treatment. Studies have go ...more
Can you give me a quick tutorial on "trigger fingers" -- what is it and what causes it? I know I have this problem because I have diabetes but I'm looking for a little more information than that. Trig ...more

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